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Easy swaps to reduce single use plastic

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And Bathroom

With so many easy swaps out there its easy to reduce plastic with toiletries.  The choice is great too. 

You can try shampoo and conditioner bars or refill your own containers at our local refill shops. Solid bubble bars and bath bombs are also great for a plastic free relaxing bath.  Swapping to bars of soap is an easy swap but if you prefer liquid hand soap or shower gel these are both available at local refill shops.

Deodorant is available plastic free too.  From solid deodorant without any packaging to ones in cardboard tubes or glass jars the choice is endless!

Lip balm doesn't have to come in a plastic tube, there are lots of brands available in tins too!  You can even buy plastic free mascara and other makeup too.  

Facial wipes are a big no due to the plastic in them and in the packaging.  Washable face pads and cloths are a great alternative and in the long term you'll save a fortune!

 Lastly, if you need a new hairbrush try a wooden one!  And they are better for your hair too.

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There are lots of ways to cut single use plastic when you're cleaning.  Cleaning wipes are so bad for the environment so we recommend using rags or cleaning cloths with some plastic free eco products.  Bicarb is a great way to clean stubborn areas in the kitchen and bathroom along with lemon juice and vinegar.  An easy alternative to buying lots of bottles of cleaning materials is by refilling the ones you've got!  We are lucky in Dronfield that we have 2 refill shops so what are you waiting for!

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Cutting back plastic packaged food is easier than you might think.  

We are so lucky to have Adam's Fruits in Dronfield where over 90% of the fruit and veg is packaging free.  You can also refill a huge variety of dried goods so a great one stop shop.

We also now have It's All About You which is an eco shop that has food refills too!

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Home and Gifts

In Dronfield we have a number of shops to buy some wonderful home products and gifts from.

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